BBQ For The kids

You will want to make your kids next party a fun affair during the summertime, and the messy but tasty foods offered at a BBQ can help make that happen. It is also a great part to mix with the summer holidays and you can hold it outside. That's three excellent reasons to host a BBQ in your backyard or at your local park.

To ensure that you have food that all the kids like at the party tell them in the invitations that it's a BYOB or a 'bring your own beef' affair. Of course they don't have to bring beef there are lots of options available. Someone may be a vegetarian and bring tofu, someone else might have a garden full of veggies they want grilled with butter and a few zesty seasonings. What's great about this potluck style affair is that everyone is assured that they have food they'll eat at the party and everyone can bring a little extra so people can sample new BBQ tastes.


Always decorate your BBQ parties with paper supplies. This makes for very easy clean up and very easy decoration. Whatever the holiday just make sure you find matching themed plates, napkins, tablecloths and so on. Then at the end of the BBQ hand your guests a trash bag and encourage them to take part in the great clean up. Even on holidays such as Earth Day you can celebrate with a great BBQ and using recycled materials make a quick clean up afterwards.

Games at the BBQ can be themed on whatever holiday you are helping to celebrate. There are an incredible number of games you can try, such as a Dinosaur Run, or Pass the Orange, which always ends with most guests giggling so hard they can hold their oranges.

BBQ For The kids

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