Great Picnic and BBQ Recipes

Great picnic and BBQ recipes are easy to come by. During the summer you have a huge variety of produce and foods, many on special in grocery stores, so you have no excuse not to get out there and expand your culinary dimensions with some new meals. Plan ahead, though. A great balance of a good picnic or barbecue meal is exceedingly fresh food mixed with other food that is rich in flavor. To accomplish this flavor yourself, you'll need time to marinate and set many of these foods in order to provide that great flavor. Here are a few ideas to get your planning going.

A good salad goes a long way. First off, nix any idea of iceberg lettuce. Though watery and refreshing at times, it has pretty much no flavor to speak of. Instead, try to find greens that provide a lot of flavor and variety like arugula and frisee, as well as less green vegetables like Treviso or radicchio. A good mix of these, a splash of a simple red wine vinaigrette, is delish in its own right. Add to this a couple roasted nuts like pine nuts or walnuts and maybe a sharp cheese like gorgonzola or chevre, and you'll have a salad that blows anything that you or your friends have had out of the park. As a further variation, try adding roasted beets to your salad as well. This will take a few hours of prep time followed by some cooling. However, these cut up and thrown in the mix are wonderful and reflect the season quite well.

Bbq Recipe

For meats, it's all about marinating or brining. To brine something, you'll basically be letting it soak in a salt and sugar solution will a whole mess of herbs and spices for a few hours or overnight. How long really depends on the size of the meat and how thick it is. These recipes will make your meat so much more juicer and the flavor will run throughout the meat. Find recipes online or in various books to get the right amount of sugar and salt for your tastes as well as the exact brining time for your meat.

Marinating meat provides a great flavor base and gives you a great crust whenever your meat hits the grill. The already applied sauce will char quite nicely and give a great textural quality to any of your meats. Try your own with mustard, fresh herbs, or olive oil and see what you enjoy best. You can always keep picnicking while the weather's good.

Great Picnic and BBQ Recipes

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